The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles. (Hahnemann)
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Finding a good homoeopath in Australia is difficult but finding a truly classical practitioner that thoroughly understands this complex system of healing is almost impossible. That is why, like many others, I feel so grateful that I came across Geoffrey Vargas.

I started working on my health with Geoffrey Vargas almost nine years ago, during which time I have seen the decrease in depression, mood swings, anger and the complete disappearance of a cripplingly low self esteem.

The clear and precise way that Geoffrey approaches healing with homoeopathy is truly profound, leading always to incredible benefits in the body, mind and spirit.

Geoffrey is always available and ready to work with you day and night, helping you constantly grow in a way that not only takes you to higher and higher states of health but that actually includes you in the process, by re-empowering you with the confidence to know your self and to know what you need.

I would recommend working with Geoffrey to anyone that would like to journey towards real health and real freedom.
Thank you Geoffrey

Jayne from Queensland

Having dabbled in Homeopathy since my daughter was very young I had not found a practitioner who took his practice so seriously. Through Geoffrey’s knowledge I have learnt that  Classical homeopathy  is a  profoundly individual journey, it is clean, meaning the way Geoffrey works, classically, it  is done in a pure way, asking that you refrain from anything else including vitamins and supplements, this has been challenging at times as I had been on Thyroxin for 5 years. Always used vitamins and supplements, but through Geoffrey’s ability to instil his deep understanding of the use of homeopathic, my  daughter and I  have both grown in many ways, not just in body health, but mind and spirit. We have over the past eight years grown particularly in our ability to be more in tune with ourselves.

My daughter is now a teenager and at times this is a challenging road, Geoffrey has always been prepared to teach the principles of Homeopathy , this has been valuable for me as a mother to have that support to keep her understanding the benefit of all her hard work that she puts in. 

Geoffrey is concerned with the whole person; he and his wife introduced me to Vippassana meditation which travels along the same vein as homeopathy, through the power of observation, so by observing my mind and body I have grown beyond what I could have without these tools.

Geoffrey’s ability to be present at a moments notice in an emergency 24hrs a day, his kind support and reach ability, his complete belief in what he does and belief in you as an individual human being can I believe, if you are determined to change and are prepared yourself to be disciplined, lead you on the road to true recovery, true wellness.

I have not used any conventional medication, including Thyroxin for eight years now and although this is not any easy journey, I would never go back I feel like ‘Lee’, like me , I know who I am and where I’m heading, I could not have said that before I began working with Geoffrey.

I have often thanked Geoffrey for his ongoing support, on what has been extremely challenging road at times, but I would like to acknowledge him as a clearheaded, compassionate, and skilful homeopath.

Lee & Phoebe from Western Australia


Homoeopathy has allowed me to experience a life in which myself and my family are living with an optimum level of health and a much deeper understanding of our bodies, minds and spirit. Geoffrey Vargis is a wonderful practitioner and a patient guide on a persons search for homeopathic health, happiness and vitality.

Bec from Australia

I have benefited both as a student and as a patient of Geoffrey.

Firstly, as a student Geoffrey delivered an overview/introduction to Homoeopathy for one unit at the college I was attending at the time. I have much gratitude to Geoffrey for this, as the knowledge he imparted to me at that time sparked a passion and a belief that the works and word of Hahnemann and Kent are as true today, as they have always been and the results of using their tried and tested methods produce amazingly results.

A big thank you Geoffrey for putting me on the right track by providing me with the kind of passion and respect for Homoeopathy that it deserves.

Also, it was a blessing to meet you, as I had been seeking a fully Qualified Classical Homoeopath for nearly 2 years. After leaving London and hence my family Homeopath, to migrate to Australia I was disheartened to find that I could not find a Homeopath here in Perth to stop my daughters asthma attacks. Prior to meeting you I tried two "homoeopaths" that practiced completely different to my Homoeopath in London. Unfortunately my daughter had to be prescribed steroidal inhalers to Help the attacks that were becoming more frequent. It was a relief to find that when I bought my daughter to your practice, it was the same procedure as my London Homoeopath. And thankfully my daughters asthma cleared and the inhalers were no longer needed.

Fortunatly, I am now in my final term in Homoeopathy and occasionally Treat my daughter myself (if shes a bit breathless at the change of the season).

Its great to know that Homoepathy is safe in your hands Geoffrey

Kind Regards

Debbie Edwards from Australia

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